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AspireCare Home Care Services will offer two levels of care to the client. Our care professionals will be matched to the clients to ensure compatibility.


Home Services

We aspire to set a new standard in home care services, promoting the well-being and dignity of every individual under our care.

Health Care Services

Health Care is the second level and is usually a progression from Home Care services. Health workers are health professionals with a graded designation of accreditation such as Personal Support Workers, Health Care Aides, Community Support Workers, Licensed Practical Nurse or Registered Nurse. 

HOME Services

We Make A Difference In Your Lives


Companion Care

One of the most important aspects of AspireCare will be providing clients with a strong sense of family and compassion. Taking an interest in the client, their life and their environment. Whether it is playing a favourite board game or card game, reading taking a stroll or visiting with friends and neighbours, life is meant to enjoy.


Light Housekeeping & Laundry

Maintain a clean and organized living space with our light housekeeping services, laundry and general tidying as required or requested to ensure a safe and hygienic living environment.


Meal Planning and Preparation

The caregiver may not be a chef, but they are there to support safe living at home, which certainly includes food! Meals can be planned in conjunction with a nutritionist or with the client. Enjoy nutritious and customized meals prepared according to dietary preferences and restrictions.


Transportation Assistance

Provide safe and reliable transportation for appointments. Whether it is to a local sporting event, family gathering or shopping excursion, the client will have the added security of someone to lean on.


Home Basic Care

This covers all the basics of looking after a home such as gardening, arranging lawn mowing or landscaping, garbage control, heat and utilities checks, watering indoor plants, replacing light bulbs and everything else that may have at one time been addressed by the client.


Pet Care

A pet is sometimes the best therapy to fight loneliness, depression, medical problems or stress. The caregiver will ensure the pet is always as happy as the client. Cleaning, feeding and exercising the pet will be part of the day's activity.


Personal Care Assistance

Ensure your loved ones received personalized assistance with daily activities, including bathing, dressing, grooming and mobility support.

Health Services

Basic Personal Care

Bathing, Dressing , Grooming, Toileting and other personal hygiene cares can be provided to ensure cleanliness and dignity are maintained.


Alzheimer's and Dementia Care

Specialized care for individuals with cognitive challenges, fostering a supportive environment tailored to their needs. AspireCare understands this and works closely with the patient and family members, to ensure comfort for all involved.


Foot Care

Usually misunderstood in importance, AspireCare realizes the complications associated with improper foot care. Whether a result of diabetes, vascular disease or neglect, the foot requires careful attention for continued comfort, mobility and infection control. Services included are nail cutting corn and callus control infection cleansing and appliance/pad application.


Medication Management

Administering drugs by a qualified nurse is essential in maintaining the health of a patient on medication. From diabetes and high blood pressure to disease management and pain management, drugs require control, measurement and administration in an exacting environment.


Wound Care

Accidents or progression of disease create situations where preventative management is required to fight infection and further disease. A health worker can work in conjunction with the case physician to make sure wounds are kept under control to facilitate healing.


Respite Care

Caregivers offer temporary relief to primary caregivers, ensuring they have time for self-care and rejuvenation.


24/7 Overnight or On-call Support

Accessible support whenever you need it, ensuring peace of mind for both the clients and their families.


Palliative Care

One of the most sensitive areas in health management is caring for a friend or loved one whose prognosis is terminal. A comfortable family home allows the loved one to spend their precious time in surroundings full of love and memories. AspireCare professional workers will be there during the most difficult time.

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